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Getting Started With WAHPBC

on Mon Sep 04, 2017 6:28 pm
The First Step:

Please view entire company Website click and read every Tab:
Go to the “Forum “In the Question And Answer Page on our company website click topic that would answer your questions
If you are serious about working with us email Human Resources at type “Yes “
in the Subject Line and send to HR

The Second Step :

You will be sent an email for a scheduled online Interview . The link is found in the Question And Answer Page on our company website After reading this . You will schedule an interview process with one of the interviewers once hired you will receive an email “ Congratulations You are Hired “
Human Resources will send you an email of your New Company email account and user / password log in information. Agents will only use Company email account for this Business No personal email and receive Agent Self Service Portal Password to log into the Portal to check payroll and much more
In your New company email account click on Yammer message and register for
Your Yammer/WAHPBC user and password will be the same as your Company email account
Once Agents are Register in the Yammer / WAHPBC Call Center you will upload a legal photo into your profile for security purpose. Please use Yammer/WAHPBC to interact ask questions in the Yammer
/WAHPBC one of the representatives will respond to all questions
You will receive Training video to get yourself educate on how to work your business
For some projects you will be trained and attend a online or Phone meeting

The Third Step :

Your start date of work will be given you by the representative in the YAMMER/WAHPBC Or HR
Agents submit and fill out all Time Sheets accurately every Friday And Saturdays before you start your next work week shift
Please click on Forum to have your questions answered at all Times or chat with representative in The
YAMMER/WAHPBC Social Media Call Center
Agents have access to Self Service Portals scripts and training Videos at:
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